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Feedstock for Additive Manufacturing for Fabrication of Heat Sinks

The composition we are developing in “FACT THERM” project enables production of heat sinks in a close to waste-less 3D printing technology. In addition, it acquires higher conductivity thermal and mechanical strength thanks to a ceramic based composition.


The new heat sinks possess higher life time thanks to higher corrosive resistance of the material. On the other hand, the smart technology along with computer simulation solutions allow to obtain unique state of the art geometrically complex structures providing a more efficient gas/air convection mechanism. This ultimately improves the heat extraction and subsequently the efficiency of the overall heat sinking system.

The EIT Raw Material support at the very early stage on our business activities helped us to remarkably improve both the heat sink product and its preparation technology. It assisted us to make a solid step forward in the market and to gain valuable network and the attention of big companies during our first year.

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