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Additive Manufacturing of Bio-active Biodegradable Scaffolds

Our research team developed new composition and technology to fabricate bio-active scaffolds for bone regeneration. The scaffold consist of ceramics and metalloid with different  bio-activity. It is possible to vary the bio-activity of the scaffolds, thus adapting the natural bone growth of the patient. The scaffolds can be also partially or completely biodegradable.

Ideally, the scaffold which replaces the natural infected bone, should be personalized. It should have carefully designed geometry to fit the replaced part of bone, porosity to provide necessary blood flow and mechanical acceptance. The scaffold also should have customized bio-activity and biodegradability to achieve natural bone integration.

FACT BIO feed stock enables to prepare customized bio-scaffolds by Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) with designed geometry and bio-functionality.

The scaffolds are already applied  in small mammals successfully. The progress of the results will be updated.

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