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The multidistiplinary team of senior researchers with 30+  years experience in material science and engineering creates advanced designs and technologies for sustainable ecology and economy. Continuous research and aim to improve the product are the key of our success. We produce parts with custom-made design and functionality using smart-technologies to achieve the best results. 

Materials Design

Our team designs and develops composite powders for additive manufacturing. The material design is carried out based on customer needs and requirements. Our solutions are applied in electronics, medical and automotive industries.



Our strongly specialized designer-engineer prepares the 3D virtual copy of the sketched part or scanned image of the bone. Once the 3D model of the part is modeled, it is sent to the customer for proof.


3D Printing

We use Additive Manufacturing technology, including selective laser melting, stereolithography, etc, to create your designed parts with controlled geometry and mechanical properties. The manufacturing of parts takes from several hours to several days.



We apply different technology to achieve the desired surface roughness. Our polishing chain includes mechanical and electropolishing. We also apply laser treatment by terahertz radiation, which is a new technology providing for even more precision, local and special finishing. We complement our state of the art 3D printing technique with a high-end finishing service.



Anodization is a process of oxidation of surface layer of Titanium implant. This makes the implant less reactive and more biocompatible.
In addition, depending on the oxide layer, it is possible to obtain different color during the anodization. This will ease the selection of select the color-coded implant.


Where to find us

Raja 15, 12618 Tallinn, Estonia

How to reach us

+372 55 58 8124

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